Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Velcro Shoes Are Perfect for Seniors

Physical limitations may make the process of dressing yourself a hassle. You may find yourself spending more time dressing yourself because your body can't move as quickly, or due to certain conditions, you may experience pain when putting on clothes. But, selecting the right clothing to wear allows you to dress yourself and avoid experiencing pain. For many seniors, putting on shoes is a daily challenge, from having to physically adjust your body to put on the shoes to tying laces. But, with Velcro shoes, you can avoid the challenge of putting on your shoes. These shoes benefit seniors in many ways.

1. Convenience. If you suffer from arthritis, have limited mobility or experienced a stroke, then physically tying a knot is not only painful, but may seem nearly impossible. With these shoes you easily place one strap over another and your laces are strapped within just seconds. You can avoid spending more time putting on your shoes.

2. Independence. Although your physical status may limit your ability to tie your shoes, you want to remain independent and dress yourself. With these shoes you can avoid depending on another person for assistance.

3. Durability. You don’t have to worry about these shoes wearing out easily as they are long lasting.

4. Balance. These shoes provide ankle support to help you balance while walking. You don't have to worry about a sudden trip or fall. This prevents you from experiencing injury.

5. Comfort. These shoes are fitting and soft. You can avoid experiencing sore feet or pain. Also, if you want to just walk around the house, you can wear Velcro slippers.