Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Velcro Shoes Are Perfect for Seniors

Physical limitations may make the process of dressing yourself a hassle. You may find yourself spending more time dressing yourself because your body can't move as quickly, or due to certain conditions, you may experience pain when putting on clothes. But, selecting the right clothing to wear allows you to dress yourself and avoid experiencing pain. For many seniors, putting on shoes is a daily challenge, from having to physically adjust your body to put on the shoes to tying laces. But, with Velcro shoes, you can avoid the challenge of putting on your shoes. These shoes benefit seniors in many ways.

1. Convenience. If you suffer from arthritis, have limited mobility or experienced a stroke, then physically tying a knot is not only painful, but may seem nearly impossible. With these shoes you easily place one strap over another and your laces are strapped within just seconds. You can avoid spending more time putting on your shoes.

2. Independence. Although your physical status may limit your ability to tie your shoes, you want to remain independent and dress yourself. With these shoes you can avoid depending on another person for assistance.

3. Durability. You don’t have to worry about these shoes wearing out easily as they are long lasting.

4. Balance. These shoes provide ankle support to help you balance while walking. You don't have to worry about a sudden trip or fall. This prevents you from experiencing injury.

5. Comfort. These shoes are fitting and soft. You can avoid experiencing sore feet or pain. Also, if you want to just walk around the house, you can wear Velcro slippers.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Senior Clothing at Resident Essentials

Shopping today is fast and easy thanks to the Internet. You can shop for whatever, whenever and from wherever. Clothing purchases have most notably taken off due to more options, styles and sizes being readily available. This benefits seniors who find the process of shopping in clothing stores difficult both because the majority of clothing appeals to the younger generation, leaving many of the needs of seniors unaccounted for.  In store shopping also requires actually getting to the stores, which can sometimes be difficult. With a low volume of clothing purchasing options available, seniors often face the hassle of walking around a store only to leave empty-handed, and sometimes going without much needed new clothing items. In addition, shopping online grants customers the ability to spend down, when Medicaid spend downs are necessary, with low prices on clothing as well as a variety of other related items such as electronics and furniture. So, where do you go to shop for comfortable senior clothing, adaptive clothing, and accessories? 

Resident Essentials is the ideal store for guardians, and nursing home staff, as we provide an array of comfortable and well-priced attire, as well as home accessories and electronics for their residents and clients. Our selection of essential items includes women's and men's senior clothing, adaptive clothing, living area furniture and home decorations, lift chairs and recliners, mobility options, and electronics and entertainment such as televisions, CDs and books. Family members purchasing these items for residents also helps to satisfy nursing home spend down requirements for Medicaid.  Resident Essentials can even bill a resident trust account and name label all clothing- at no additional charge.

With regard to clothing, we provide a wide selection of conveniently priced, comfortable and durable elderly clothing for men and women to shop from. From dresses, pants, shirts, tops, as well as outerwear and nightwear, our selection of clothing for seniors is endless. In addition, you can shop for adaptive clothing that is easy to put on and take off, as well as footwear including shoes and slippers. Velcro shoes are the perfect shoes for seniors because of their many benefits, including convenience when tightening or loosening shoes, ankle support and balance, and flexibility.  They also provide seniors with independence as they can put on and take off their own footwear.

If you're looking for elderly clothing and want to spend down while shopping, Resident Essentials is your virtual store. Browse our items online today and start your spend down.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Comfortable Clothing for Seniors

Throughout the years, our clothing styles change. When we were toddlers we didn't care so much for
fashion and style, and then, before we knew it, the teenage years began and we chose our own clothing. During this time, our clothing style represented who we were as individuals. But, as we begin our adult lives, we start to increase our emphasis on the comfort of our clothing. 

One concern among seniors is that most clothing brands appeal more to the younger generation, and lacks the comfort and functionality often desired by seniors.  Resident Essentials makes it our goal to address the needs of seniors and those who desire comfortable, functional, and durable clothing.  As such, we carry a full line of beautiful traditional senior clothing as well as a variety of adaptive clothing.

The Internet provides us with a virtual mall of endless stores to shop in. If you're looking for comfortable clothing for seniors then Resident Essentials is your online store. Our variety of senior clothing and adaptive clothing for men and women includes shirts, pants, sweaters, dresses, outerwear, nightwear, undergarments, socks, shoes, slippers and adaptive clothing styles.

Shopping online also means there's no need to walk around for what feels like ages searching for clothing. You can shop from the convenience of your home and whenever you'd like, since an online store doesn't have closing hours. Browse our selection online any time of the day and contact us  if you have any questions or comments.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is A Medical Recliner Right For Me?

People may view a medical recliner as just another piece of furniture. But, a medical recliner isn't just another seat for someone to sit in. Rather, it's a recliner designed specifically to help those with Joint, back, and muscle issues.

Back pain is one of the leading causes of doctor's visits. Although walking is an extremely healthy exercise, it also puts stress on the joints and spine causing muscles to tighten, resulting in back pain. Medical recliners can help back and joint pain as they properly align your spine, relieving pressure on your joints and muscles. Placing yourself in a reclining position helps to further relieve muscle tensions and joint pressure.

Additionally, medical recliners are strongly suggested for those who experience knee, hip or back traumas or surgeries. The pain resulting from traumas or surgeries can be severely limiting, resulting in decreased activity levels and even emotional difficulties. Suddenly, even simple daily tasks such as walking or sitting, require a whole new level of effort as they often put additional pressure on joints and muscles, causing additional pain. Laying down on a medical recliner will help you recover quickly and comfortably. 

People of all ages experience muscle pain. But, weakness in muscles can prevent people from doing simple daily tasks such as standing up or walking. Medical recliners are suggested for those with muscle conditions. Fibromyalgia, for example, is a common condition that often results in pain in the joints, tendons, and muscles. Other conditions include fatigue, inflammations, cancers, stroke, and bodily injuries, which cause pain throughout the body. A medical recliner will allow you to rest your muscles, properly align your joints, and relieve pressure points that often aggravate chronic conditions and acute sources of pain.  You may also want to consider mobile recliners, or Geri chairs, which allow you to remain seated while being wheeled, or lift chair recliners, which provide extra assistance when standing up.

If you suffer from any of these conditions or have similar symptoms, speak to your doctor to see if a medical recliner, geri chair, or lift chair is right for you. You can browse our selection of medical recliners, geri chairs, and lift chairs online and contact us if you have any questions or comments.