Monday, August 15, 2011

Senior Clothing at Resident Essentials

Shopping today is fast and easy thanks to the Internet. You can shop for whatever, whenever and from wherever. Clothing purchases have most notably taken off due to more options, styles and sizes being readily available. This benefits seniors who find the process of shopping in clothing stores difficult both because the majority of clothing appeals to the younger generation, leaving many of the needs of seniors unaccounted for.  In store shopping also requires actually getting to the stores, which can sometimes be difficult. With a low volume of clothing purchasing options available, seniors often face the hassle of walking around a store only to leave empty-handed, and sometimes going without much needed new clothing items. In addition, shopping online grants customers the ability to spend down, when Medicaid spend downs are necessary, with low prices on clothing as well as a variety of other related items such as electronics and furniture. So, where do you go to shop for comfortable senior clothing, adaptive clothing, and accessories? 

Resident Essentials is the ideal store for guardians, and nursing home staff, as we provide an array of comfortable and well-priced attire, as well as home accessories and electronics for their residents and clients. Our selection of essential items includes women's and men's senior clothing, adaptive clothing, living area furniture and home decorations, lift chairs and recliners, mobility options, and electronics and entertainment such as televisions, CDs and books. Family members purchasing these items for residents also helps to satisfy nursing home spend down requirements for Medicaid.  Resident Essentials can even bill a resident trust account and name label all clothing- at no additional charge.

With regard to clothing, we provide a wide selection of conveniently priced, comfortable and durable elderly clothing for men and women to shop from. From dresses, pants, shirts, tops, as well as outerwear and nightwear, our selection of clothing for seniors is endless. In addition, you can shop for adaptive clothing that is easy to put on and take off, as well as footwear including shoes and slippers. Velcro shoes are the perfect shoes for seniors because of their many benefits, including convenience when tightening or loosening shoes, ankle support and balance, and flexibility.  They also provide seniors with independence as they can put on and take off their own footwear.

If you're looking for elderly clothing and want to spend down while shopping, Resident Essentials is your virtual store. Browse our items online today and start your spend down.